Difference between DDR4 and DDR5 Memory

Difference between DDR4 and DDR5 Memory

DDR4 and DDR5 are like the trendy new kids in school, and everyone wants to know what sets them apart from their older siblings, DDR3. Well, buckle up, because we’re about to find out!

Speed: DDR5 is like Usain Bolt on steroids, compared to DDR4’s jog around the block. DDR5 can reach speeds of 6400 MT/s, while DDR4 struggles to keep up at 3200 MT/s. DDR5 will leave DDR4 in the dust, resulting in improved performance and less latency, like a tortoise finally beating the hare.

Capacity: DDR5 is like a shopping cart at Costco, with room for everything, while DDR4 is like a tiny basket that can barely fit a loaf of bread. DDR5 can reach up to 256GB per DIMM, while DDR4 tops out at 128GB per DIMM. With DDR5, multitasking will be smoother than a baby’s bottom!

Power Consumption: DDR5 is like a Prius, using less power and saving the environment, compared to DDR4’s gas-guzzling SUV. DDR5 uses only 1.1 volts, while DDR4 chugs along at 1.2 volts. This reduction in power consumption will result in longer battery life for laptops and reduced heat output for desktops, making your computer run cooler than a penguin in Antarctica.

Error Correction: DDR5 is like a superhero with superpowers, compared to DDR4’s reliance on its sidekicks. DDR5 has an integrated Error Correction Code (ECC) that can detect and correct errors in real-time, while DDR4 needs additional components to do the same. With DDR5, your computer will run error-free, like a well-oiled machine!


DDR5 is like the cool new kid on the block, while DDR4 is the tried and true, but not quite as exciting. DDR5 offers improved performance, higher capacities, and lower power consumption, making it the preferred choice for new systems and high-end performance enthusiasts. So go ahead, upgrade to DDR5 and enjoy a computer that runs smoother than a freshly oiled skateboard!

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