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The X1000 gaming chair by Nitro Concepts introduces a new standard in comfort, durability, and style. Here's a closer look at its features:

Innovative Design with Intense Colours:

  • The X1000 boasts vibrant colours and an ergonomic design, ensuring both style and functionality.
  • High-quality fabric and PU leather combination guarantee comfort during extended use.

Steel Frame Structure:

  • Built with a solid steel frame, the X1000 ensures long-term durability.
  • The high-quality fabric used for the seat and backrest enhances comfort.

Superior Comfort Through Premium Upholstery:

  • The X1000 series features aesthetic details like an embroidered flame logo and unique geometric stitching.
  • Its distinctive shell design evokes the look of a racing seat, adding to its appeal.

Unique & Improved Adjustability Options:

  • Equipped with a solid Class 4 gas lift for height adjustment.
  • Integrated rocking mechanism allows for leaning back up to 14 degrees.
  • Offers adjustable backrest and flexible 3D armrests for ergonomic support and personalized comfort.

The Perfect Position for Every User:

  • Features 3D armrests ideal for the sport-oriented approach of gaming chairs, allowing comfortable adjustment in three dimensions.
  • Backrest adjustability from 90 to 125 degrees caters to various preferences, whether for gaming or relaxation.

Designed for Hard and Soft Flooring:

  • The X1000's durable nylon base ensures stability, with five arms highlighted by coloured accents.
  • Quiet 60 mm castors, made from hard nylon core with soft polyurethane covering, glide smoothly over both hard and soft floors.
  • Hydraulic lift, rated Safety Class 4, supports weights up to 135 kg, making it suitable for a wide range of users.

With its blend of style, comfort, and functionality, the Nitro Concepts X1000 gaming chair is designed to elevate your gaming experience while providing lasting durability and support.


  • Colour: Inferno Red
  • Materials:
    • Frame: Steel
    • Upholstery: Cold foam, Fabric, PVC
    • Armrests: PU, Nylon, Steel
    • Base and Backrest Insert: Nylon, ABS
    • Casters: Nylon / Polyurethane
  • Total Height (with base): Approximately 119 - 128.6 cm
  • Height Adjustability: 41 - 50.6 cm
  • Backrest Width (Shoulder Level): Approximately 55 cm
  • Backrest Width (Pelvis Level): Approximately 56 cm
  • Backrest Length: Approximately 86 cm
  • Backrest Adjustability: 90° - 125°
  • Seating Area: 36 cm
  • Seating Area (Total Width): 54.5 cm
  • Seating Area Depth: Approximately 56 cm
  • Armrest Width: Approximately 10 cm
  • Armrest Depth: 25 cm
  • Adjustable Armrests: 3 Directional
  • Rocking Mechanism: Maximum 14°
  • Max Weight Supported: 135 kg

These specifications highlight the ergonomic design, adjustable features, and sturdy construction of the Nitro Concepts X1000 gaming chair, ensuring comfort and support for users during long gaming sessions.

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